Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm baaaaaaack!!!!

OMG! What has happened in the last year and a half?

Here's the cliff notes version in pictures.

I did a Sprint Tri with a pool swim.
I did a Color Run. 
I did a Tri with an Open Water Swim.
I made a TV Show!
I went back to Maine and did the Olympic distance. 

I won the Athena division at Playa Del Rey
I suspect it's because no women in LA would admit they weighed over 150 lbs. 
I did a plank challenge. 
I did the LA Triathlon and my brother brought Abbey out to cheer me on the bike course. 
I did a Ragnar Trail Relay.
I did my second Olympic distance. 
Coach Jen came to LA. We ran the Surf City half marathon, we swam with Nina and we danced to the oldies with none other than Richard Simmons. 
I turned 50! 
I gave myself bike camp as a birthday present. 
I froze my butt off in KY in the Polar Vortex. 
I talked Dave (aka Significant Other) into his first triathlon.
I took friends (Carrie and Sheila) to Knoxville. We met up with Coach Jen and rocked the Glow, helped the kids and I scored some very happy bling! 
We celebrated Dave's birthday then ran a Quarter Marathon the next day hung over.  
We rolled for our heroes.
We went to the county fair. 
I went to the Miss KY pageant. 
I rolled in mud with the Marines at Camp Pendleton. 

I drove a tractor. 

We wrapped the show and left KY. 

I got to fly in an old WWII bomber. 

I went back to Maine and brought friends!
I got passed by an 80 yr old lady on the run at the Oakland Tri. 

But I still finished. 

And I won the Ahtena division at Rev3 Poconox.
I could have trained more. Well, I could have trained some but still, I got them done. 

Poconos race report to come. 

That's all she wrote. Now you're caught up on my life.