Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Things I Should Know

As I've begun training and reading Tri blogs and magazines I've seen and heard a lot of things and I have no clue what they mean. I asked the swim coach the other night what he meant by negative splits and he laughed at me. So, instead of spending a day Googling I thought I'd throw the questions out to my Tri Buddies.

1. What does "Masters Swimming" mean? I just joined SCAQ which is the largest Masters swimming program in the US but if there's one thing I know for sure, I'm no master at swimming.

2. What do you do to get rid of that itchy chlorine feeling? (Okay, I realize this isn't a Tri term but this blog is taking a lot longer to write because I keep scratching.)

3. While I'm asking for advice does anyone know of an anti-fog solution that actually works?

4. What are the purpose of Tri bars and do I need them?

5. What are Pirate Ships!?!

6. What's an Anaerobic Threshold?

7. Who's Fred?

8. Who's Mary?

9. Where does the term "Brick" come from? (I do know what it means :-)

10. And finally, for the love of Pete, WTF are cheese curds?


As of this morning there are 77 days left until the Olympic Rev3 in Knoxville. Right now the plan is to just finish. Even if I'm twice as slow as the slowest person doing the Half Rev I should be okay. Rev3 puts on quite a party for the last finishers. So far I have not come in DFL but I definitely am a BOP(er). Two terms I'm very familiar with.

Also, I've been feeling really short of breath lately so I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with adult onset asthma. I guess it's one of the disadvantages of growing up in the 70s in Los Angeles. This little puppy cost me $180 AFTER my insurance paid for part of it!


  1. Okay will leave the answers to most of these for the experts however I can help you with #10.

    Cheese Curds are heaven on earth!
    They are best eaten a top of fries and smothered in Gravy! They used to sell them at Trader Joes but I haven't seen them there in a while!

    1. Ate you Canadian??? Real cheese curds...meaning from Wisconsin..also known as squeaky cheese..are best eaten right out of the package or deep fried...however I have heard of Canadians and north easterners eating them with gravy and fries...I will need to try this.

  2. I am super curious about the answers!

  3. For 2 & 3 - Get your hands on SBR Sports products which are the best on the market. TriSlide helps get the wetsuit off and it is also very good for running instead of Body Glide. They have TriSwim products in shampoo, chlorine and lotion. Lastly they make Foogle which helps with the fogging of goggles.

    #4 - get your body more aerodynamic and thus faster. Necessary? No. Beneficial - Without a doubt.

    Bricks are hard to find an origin for. It supposedly is named after the guy who did the first one. There is also the theory of B (bike) R (run) ice.....take it for what it's worth.

  4. #1 Masters Swimming is for post-collegiate swimmers age 25 (i believe) and up. Not to be confused with the Masters category of running, which is 40+

    #2 Jason is correct. TriSwim body wash, body lotion and hair care products from SBR Sports .
    A must!!

    #3 Jason is correct again, Foggle. Another must from SBR sports. I will send you some.

    #4 Again, Jason answered this one correctly. It's about being more aero while riding.
    For now, I want you to focus on building strong bike skills and then we can worry about getting some aerobars for your bike :)

    #5 Pirate Ships are a kettlebell exercise that works the core, upper body and if done correctly, can also shoot your HR up into the "interval" category! I love PS's

    #6 Anaerobic Threshold (AT) (also called Lactate Threshold or LT) iis the point at which lactic acid starts to accumulates in the muscles and generally considered to be somewhere between 85% and 90% of your maximum heart rate. This is a higher level of exercise intensity thus sustainable for shorter duration. The primary focus of YOUR training is aerobic training (lower intensity, lower hr).

    #'s 7 and 8 Fred and Mary who?

    #9 BRICK because your legs feel like bricks running off the bike.
    because B (bike) + R (run) = ICK aka BRICK

    Ok, the real answer?

    it was a slang term coined by Mark Sisson & Scott Zagarino and inspired by the Pink Floyd song "Another Brick in the Wall". True story.

    #10 for this answer, we must consult the curd expert, Scott...

    1. Gee Jen - you sound like you're a trainer or something like that ;-)

      I'll order some SBR products now. And for the record, TYR anti fog spray doesn't work for shit.

  5. Okay, I Googled Fred and Mary.

    I should have figured Mary out (Marathon).

    And Fred is anyone who dresses up in the full kit of a professional racing team, and even has the matching $6000+ bike to go with it, and rides maybe once a week at 12 mph. Poseur.

  6. Well, I knew Mary but I did not know in which context you were asking. I thought they were real people.

    Fred! it.