Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 3: I'm Out of Shape!

Last week was a disaster so I really needed a win this week. I was back home but Jennifer was in town for the premier of our documentary and the week was packed with events and meetings. Coach Jen from Trilogy Multisport Training sent me a plan and I was pretty sure I could fit everything in with a little shuffling. Here's how things panned out:

What I was supposed to do:        What I did: 
Rest Day

Yay! I did what I was supposed to do.
Easy Run

This was our craziest day but I did it. I got up at 5:30 did my
emails and got out for my run. I was back home and made coffee
and oatmeal for everyone before they even woke up. Win!

Coach Jen had 1150 yards planned in the form of drills and
kicking practice. I think I covered that distance but more
importantly I learned that I REALLY need to focus on swimming.
So much so that Wednesday got its own blog entry.
Brick Day
:30-45 min bike
:15 run + Core

My friend Sara and I took Jennifer on a bike ride. She hadn't been
on a bike since riding her "Pink Thunder Huffy" so Sara loaned
her a hybrid and we headed toward the beach on the path along
the beautiful LA river. I broke out my old rusty Gary Fisher for the
ride and kept it on (low gear? high gear? which is harder? do I even
need to know?) for a better workout. We did a slow 10 mile ride in
about an hour. The terrain is flat and "rolling" with a few small
hills. I almost didn't make it up the last one but I kept her in (high
gear?) We were just about to do a little run when the office called
and reminded me we had a meeting.

Sara and Jennifer biking along the beautiful LA river. 

Swim 1400
Hill Run/Walk

It rained on Friday. What, you say? Rain in LA?
Yes, we got one of the 5 days a year of rain today. The plan was
to hike Temescal Canyon then go back to swim class at night but
instead we went to a Bikram yoga class and got our sweat on.

Jennifer is going to kill me for posting this. 

Long Bike :90

I got up early to take Jennifer to the airport and fortunately her flight
was fine despite the blizzard that had hit the east coast Friday.
Then I went to Griffith Park to do the Zoo Loop twice. Last time it
took 46 minutes to do so I figured twice would be about right. I
didn't look down at my watch until I was a couple miles into the
2nd loop and it was 43 mins in but I slowed down a bit the second
time I climbed the hill. I finished the 2nd loop just shy of 90
minutes, threw my bike on the roof of my car, threw on my running
shoes and did my 15 minute run to complete the brick I couldn't
finish Thursday. HOLY SHIT! It's really hard to run after biking.
I guess that's why people brick train. I forced myself to run. I'm sure
I can walk faster than I "ran" but I did the motion. 
Long Run

It was cold when I woke up and I really wanted to stay in bed but
I had a 10k on the books and a long run on the plan. It was a slow,
painful 6.2 miles. I was sore and now I'm REALLY sore.

Does this medal make my boobs look big?

Sara plays volleyball a few days a week and I said I'd go watch
her play after the race. I haven't played for a few years and
somehow I got talked into hitting the ball around then playing
a game. I forgot how much fun it was!

I served our way to victory. We kicked that 6 year old's ass!

I am completely busted right now. I need to figure out how to download my Garmin workouts so I can send them to Coach Jen and I need to find my heart rate strap because the new Garmin didn't come with one.

In addition to the fact that I suck at swimming I learned two other things this week:

I am out of shape.

Triathlons are hard.

That's all for now.

Check out Jennifer's blog about the week including her first foray into editing.

Also, check out our movie Happy on the Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp. It's on iTunes and Amazon. And please like our facebook page.

Here's the trailer:


  1. I just found you through Scotts blog. YOU are hilarious!
    Love your blog.
    Look forward to continuing to follow you!

    1. As funny as Scott? I take that as a compliment. :-)
      I hope I can continue to entertain (and actually finish a triathlon).

    2. Just read your blog Doreen. You're doing IM Tahoe!?! That lake is cold as a witch's tit! Holy Crap! I'm impressed.

  2. Hmm...definitely would have said NO to the run off the long bike with the 10k on the schedule for the next day but what is done is done. :) Looks like you are doing much better sticking to the plan and things will come together for you.

    1. I know it was improperly timed but I wanted to see what it felt like and figured it was only 15 minutes. I think Sara found a closer park to bike in that's hilly. I'm headed to check it out today.