Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleeping Around

Of all the fun things that come along with starting a blog...

Talking about yourself, thinking about yourself, writing about yourself.... 

I've realized that taking stock of habits, both good and bad is one of the best benefits. Since the goal of a blog is to document progress you make in the chosen topic I have begun making the list of areas in my life that need improvement. 

At the top of that list may be sleep. I am not a good sleeper. I often go to sleep too late and more often wake up in the middle of the night. I'll lay there for a few minutes then inevitably either get up or turn on the TV. The upside has been seeing shows like Homeland and Game of Thrones but in hind sight sleep is probably more necessary for a woman of my age. 

An iPhone is a dangerous toy at 3:00 am
Since my boyfriend, Dave, moved up north two years ago it's gotten worse. When he lived here in LA I could count on 4 or 5 decent nights of sleep a week.

It all became clear to me this week after spending a couple weeks sleeping around. 

Last week I was in Kentucky and shared a bedroom with my friend and fellow producer Kiana. I woke up a couple times but not having many options I lay there until I eventually fell back to sleep. As soon as I got home Jennifer showed up and since Dan is in the guest room she has to stay with me in my room. 

Nighty nite time with Jen
I woke up yesterday (after going back to sleep for a couple hours) and realized the key to a good night's sleep for me is a sleeping bed fellow. So I'd like to thank my sleeping companions for helping me get a few nights good sleep. Apparently I like to take pictures of everyone I sleep with because I found pics of everyone but Kiana in bed. 

Sara's Kindle technique is a good one for sleepless nights.

Watching scary movies before bed isn't the best plan. Penny and I needed Abbey to protect us for our
Walking Dead marathon. 

Dave chillin' like a villain. 

But Kiana did take a picture of me.

Anyone have a cure for insomnia other than drugs I'd like to hear it. 

Otherwise there will be more 3:00 am Photo Booth pics like this:


  1. Well Angela, if I wasn't rooming with my mother for Rev3 you could sleep with me!! I sleep like a bear during winter hibernation. I can sleep anywhere anytime, except the night before a big race..LOL. Then it's usually waking up every hour. Hopefully you can get on a schedule and regulate your sleep!

  2. I get to meet Keely's mom!! awesome... Angela - feel free to text me..or better yet lets start a words with friends game at 2 a.m.'ve got great

  3. An hour long bike ride seemed to do the trick in knocking me out last night!!!

    1. Not me :-(
      But Jennifer is still here so I went back to sleep! :-)